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Label Holders

SmartGlass case Courtesy of Concord Museum, Concord, Massachusetts

Label Holders

Text display for cases and walls

We offer several discreet, sophisticated options for communicating with your visitors. Our aluminum label systems have a durable powdercoated finish and our external label holders come with a replaceable non-glare acrylic face to reduce reflections and improve readability.  SmallCorp label holders accept printed inserts making updates efficient.  Several standard sizes are available, or we can make specially-sized label holders to your specifications as well.

Our internal label system is a 5” tall powdercoated aluminum plinth with a 60-degree slant on all sides. The plinth is designed to support the case’s display deck and incorporate an airflow gap for the silica gel chamber below. The label rail’s slanted surface has ample space for labels on all sides. We cannot change the slant but can modify the 5” height for a shorter presentation.

SmallCorp’s case-mounted label holders are designed to lock into the collar of many of our standard cases at a 70-degree slant. This powdercoated aluminum label holder accommodates a 5” tall insert and comes with a replaceable non-glare acrylic face to limit reflections and improve readability. Standard widths are 5” and 10”, with the width being customizable, but the height and angle are not. Ask us about alternative case-mounted solutions for other cases.

The following cases will fit the standard 5” high label holder:

Wall-mounted label holders can be installed on a wall with screws or tape. Our powdercoated aluminum holders come with pre-drilled holes and a replaceable non-glare acrylic face. Standard sizes are 5” tall by 5” or 10” wide, or or we can cut them to any width you require.

Many of our label holders can be adapted for tabletop or stanchion top use or can be freestanding.  Call us to discuss your project.

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