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SmartGlass case Courtesy of Concord Museum, Concord, Massachusetts


Light limiting cases

SmallCorp is proud to offer SPD-SmartGlass exhibit cases to safeguard the most sensitive artifacts against light damage. SmartGlass consists of two layers of museum-quality glass with a layer of light-controlling film in between. The film switches seamlessly from dark to clear with the push of a button, or when activated by a motion sensor. Once activated, the glazing stays clear for a predetermined amount of time (controlled by you), then reverts to its dark state. An on-board counter tracks accumulated on-time or the amount of time the film has been active, allowing conservators and exhibit staff to have direct control over light exposure 

Additional details

SmartGlass museum cases block 99% of UV light at all times. In its dark state, the glass blocks 98% of visible light, while in its “clear” state it blocks 35% of visible light. To enhance the viewing experience, we can install LED lights inside Smartglass exhibit cases to counteract the residual light blockage present when the case glass is on. While this means increased light exposure for your object during the viewing period, protection is maximized while the lights are off.  

Smartglass can be used in wall, tabletop, and freestanding cases. These cases cannot have seamless vitrines, as framing is required on glazing edges to hide the wiring. For this reason, most Smartglass cases have a single viewing pane. 

Highlights include: 

  • Reduced light and heat exposure for objects 
  • Reduced energy consumption 
  • “On-time” can be tracked and recorded to measure cumulative light exposure 
  • Activated by motion sensor or push button 
  • Easily supplemented with internal LED lighting 
  • Available in panels up to 39” wide 
  • Material options include anti-reflective museum glass and polycarbonate 

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