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SmallCorp is a well-established, family-owned, privately held company with approximately 40 employees, started in 1972. We manufacture museum-quality picture frames and exhibit cases, and many, many other items used in conservation and exhibition by museums, galleries, artists, and photographers.  Most of our manufacturing is done in-house. We have a diverse range of technical capabilities and work with a wide variety of materials.

SmallCorp values innovation, integrity and forward-thinking.  These core beliefs drive our operations as well as our relationships with both customers and employees and help to make us an industry leader. We believe in contributing to the community, whether it be our local community – through volunteering and contributions to important causes and organizations, our art-based community – by maintaining the highest standards of quality workmanship and attentiveness to archival design and materials, and participation in associations that promote learning and growth, and to the world community through our environmental and social awareness.

We are always looking for talented, thoughtful people.

Do you have…

an Arts degree?
framing, fabrication, or museum background?
exceptional technical skills?

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