Silica Gel Calculator

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Bulk Gel
$5.02 lb dry
$7.16 conditioned

250g Pouches
$115.50 / 20 pack dry
$158.81 / 20 pack conditioned

400g Refillable Cartridges
$21.66 each dry
$25.99 each conditioned

Gel Reconditioning Systems
Small (3kg capacity) $404.25 or $641.03
Large (50kg capacity) $3095.40

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Silica Gel Calculators

How much Silica Gel do I need?

This tool calculates the weight of SmallCorp silica gel required to maintain a microclimate in your case.

To use, simply choose English or SI units, and enter the following:
1 – The volume of the case
2 – The anticipated difference between the desired case humidity and the average ambient humidity
3 – The exchange rate for the case (# exchanges per day)
4 – The minimum time period (in days) before the gel will need to be maintained
5 – The maximum allowable deviation from the target RH%

English Units:
Volume of case (cubic feet)
Differential RH%
Exchange rate/day
Days between maintenance
Tolerance in target RH

Gel Required in Pounds

Cartridges Required

Pouches Required

SI units:
Volume of case (cubic meters)
Differential RH%
Exchange rate/day
Days between maintenance
Tolerance in target RH

Gel Required in Kilograms
Cartridges Required

Pouches Required

How can I recondition my Silica Gel?
Silica gel can be reconditioned by adding moisture to it if it is too dry or by mixing it with bone dry silica gel if it is too moist.
The calculator below shows how much water or dry gel you need to add.
The dry gel can either be new unconditioned gel or used gel that has been dried in an oven at 240°F overnight.
SmallCorp can provide equipment for easily reconditioning gel in either small or large quantities.

Never add liquid water directly to silica gel. Use only properly designed reconditioning equipment.

To use, simply enter the following:
1 – The beginning weight (in grams) of the gel to be re-conditioned
2 – The beginning RH% of the gel to be re-conditioned
3 – The desired RH% of the gel once re-conditioned

Beginning weight of gel (grams)
Beginning RH% of gel
Desired RH% of gel

Amount of water to add (grams)
Amount of dry gel to add (grams)