Welded Aluminum Frames

Finished corner metal picture frames were popularized in the late Fifties by Robert Kulicke and we have been making them since the early Seventies. Welded finished corners have no seams or visible joints, giving our frames a simple, elegant appeal that complements the art inside. There is no comparison between a Kulicke-style frame and a traditional “chop” frame. We don’t just make the frames. We are sensitive to conservation requirements and offer archival materials and sealed art packages. We make a variety of fillets to match our frames, and we manufacture rigid, lightweight, archival aluminum honeycomb mounting panels to support works of art, textiles, and more. We also offer cut-to-size acrylic glazing, including clear and UV-filtering from 1/8” to 3/8”, and anti-reflective Optium Museum Acrylic®.
SmallCorp welded aluminum picture frame TIG0-9 corner samples powder coated black