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SmallCorp P-800 Microclimate Case


Premium microclimate case for sensitive and valuable objects

Part of our line of pedestal cases, the P-800 is a 100% archival microclimate case with a silica gel chamber below the removable deck.  This is our only pedestal case with a locking cabinet door in the base. Our cases are based on standard designs manufactured to customers’ size requirements. 

    • Made with inert materials that will not off-gas or damage objects.
    • Microclimate capability to maintain the targeted relative humidity inside the case.
    • Air exchange rate between .75 and 1 per day.

The P-800 has a5-sided acrylic vitrine that can be lifted off for access to objects. Vitrine sits on an archival silicone gasket to create a seal and locks to the pedestal case with hidden pneumatic locks. We manufacture museum-quality acrylic vitrines from clear or UV-filtering acrylic and are one of the few companies to manufacture museum-quality Optium Museum Acrylic® vitrines. 

Glass options are also available. 

Did you know we make replacement vitrines to fit existing cases?

This case features a removable deck. We offer several archival deck options and stock 4 archival fabrics (Oddy tested). We can also source custom archival fabrics. Talk to us about slanted deck options. 

  • SmallCorp’s standard ODP deck consists of an aluminum composite panel adhered to an aluminum support frame, wrapped in fabric.  
  • Our Ethadeck includes an ODP deck base with a top layer of pinnable Ethafoam™ wrapped in fabric.   
  • Other available options include decks made with HDPE, expanded PVC, and more. 

An internal leveling/weight box and silica gel chamber are housed and easily accessible behind a locking cabinet door in the base.  A powdercoated aluminum collar captures the vitrine and accommodates the hidden pneumatic locking system.


Pedestal finish options include:

  • latex paint
  • wood veneer
  • primed
  • sanded ready-to-paint

Various finish options ensure that your cases will complement your exhibit and facility. Many of our powdercoats have a direct latex paint match, allowing for a consistent finish. For those that don’t, we can offer custom or complementary colors.

  • Label rails
    • Internal
    • External
    • Wall-mounted
  • LED lighting systems
    • Dimmable LED spotlights or lightbars
    • Motion sensors
  • Archival Components
  • Security
    • Stand-alone or hardwired security system
  • Locking leveling casters
  • Pallet jack access
  • Glass
    • UV-filtering laminated glass vitrine 
    • Tempered low-iron glass vitrine 

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Pedestal Cases Features Sheet

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