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SmallCorp PW-500 at RISD Museum


Archival back wall case

Part of our line of pedestal cases, the PW-500 is a 100% archival back wall case with both vertical and horizontal display decks to maximize display opportunities. Our cases are based on standard designs manufactured to customers’ size requirements. 

    • Made with inert materials that will not off-gas or damage objects.
    • Microclimate capability to maintain the targeted relative humidity inside the case.
    • Air exchange rate between .75 and 1 per day.

The PW-500 has a 4-sided acrylic vitrine that can be lifted off for access to the object. An archival silicone gasket is used to create a microclimate seal between the vitrine and secures it to the case with screws. We manufacture museum-quality acrylic vitrines from clear or UV-filtering acrylic and are one of the few companies to manufacture museum-quality Optium Museum Acrylic® vitrines. 

Glass options are also available.

Did you know we make replacement vitrines to fit existing cases?

This case comes standard with removable horizontal and vertical decks. We offer several archival deck options and stock 4 archival fabrics (Oddy tested). We can also source custom archival fabrics.  

  • SmallCorp’s standard ODP deck consists of an aluminum composite panel adhered to an aluminum support frame, wrapped in fabric.  
  • Our Ethadeck includes an ODP deck base with a top layer of pinnable Ethafoam™ wrapped in fabric.   
  • Other available options include decks made with HDPE, expanded PVC, and more. 

A powdercoated aluminum collar supports the vitrine and accommodates security screws. Leveling feet and silica gel chamber (under deck) are standard in these cases. 


Pedestal finish options include:

  • latex paint
  • plastic laminate
  • wood veneer
  • primed surface
  • sanded ready-to-paint

Various finish options ensure that your cases will complement your exhibit and facility. Many of our powdercoats have a direct latex paint match, allowing for a consistent finish. For those that don’t, we can offer custom or complementary colors.

  • Label rails
    • Internal
    • External
    • Wall-Mounted
  • LED lighting systems
    • Dimmable LED spotlights (The PW-500 will not accommodate LED light bars)
    • Motion sensors
  • Archival Components
    • External silica gel access door – no need to remove objects and deck when changing silica gel
    • Conditioned Silica Gel Cartridge
    • Environmental Monitoring – data loggers 
  • Security
    • Stand-alone or hardwired security system
    • Security Screws
  • Locking leveling casters
  • Pallet jack access
  • Glass
    • UV-filtering laminated glass vitrine 
    • Tempered low-iron glass vitrine 

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Pedestal Cases Features Sheet

Small Corp pedestal cases Features
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