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Custom-Shaped Frames, and Work-Related Tangents

Aluminum Triptych Frame


Need a custom-shaped frame? We are here for you when a traditional square or rectangle just won’t do the job, we make custom aluminum frames. Don’t see it in the catalog or on the website, just ask and we will see if it is something we can do for you.

These custom frames are just a few of the unique frames we have made over the years.

As a reminder, we carry large sheets of acrylic for those large jobs. The sizes we carry, as well as, some notes on our oversized sheets of Optium can be found here.

Other materials we cut-to-size can be found here.

Website Update

We’ll be freshening up our website this fall and winter, to make it easier to navigate and improve some of the technical drawings.  We know you won’t be shy about your feedback, so bring it on!

Feel free to tell me what’s working and what’s not, with the existing site or the new one as we make changes.


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