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Mobile Exhibit Cases

Leaving the shop this week –  six mobile exhibit cases to house pop-up student exhibits at a prestigious local institution. Moreover, they’re highly customizable to accommodate a diverse range of exhibition needs with LED lightbars, pinnable magnetic back panels, and adjustable shelves.  

Martin Luther King Day 2021

Happy Martin Luther King Day,  Not just today but every day we should be remembering these words of Martin Luther King Jr., “The time is always right to do what is right.” Today we remember the man who was an instrumental leader in the Civil Rights Movement and continues to be a source of inspiration […]

Microclimate Cases with Hinged Doors

It’s true what they say “Good things takes time.” However, in the context of these microclimate cases with hinged doors, I would have to say our team is working toward great things. Patinating brass is a laborious process and I can’t stop walking by and seeing what they are up to. These cases are a […]