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Aluminum Floater Frame for a Jean-Michel Basquiat Painting

We were excited to see that one of our welded-corner aluminum floater frames made its way to Frames and Stretchers to house an early Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. We envy framing shops friends- they get to see so much amazing artwork. Frames and Stretchers created a video giving a look into their decision making, the stretching and framing process. Eric Rios, Co-founder of Frames and Stretchers, says “…blends with the painting, really elegant, just competes the painting…” when discussing the SmallCorp aluminum floater frame they decided to use.


Currently, there are at least two museum exhibitions of Basquiat’s work. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts currently has “Writing the Future Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation, as well as the Lotte Museum in Seoul, South Korea “JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Royalty, Heroism, and the Streets”.