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LED Lights

SmallCorp P-500 case with lightbar

LED Case Lighting Systems

Internal lighting with no UV generation

Unlike other case-lighting options, LEDs generate minimal heat, so there are no noisy fans. LEDs are not UV-generating and have a low energy consumption. Coupled with motion sensors, your objects’ exposure to light will be substantially reduced. Not to mention, LED lighting is simple to install and rarely needs servicing. At full power, there is an expected 40,000 hours of operation. Most museum applications require far less than full power.

Our spotlights and lightbars are dimmable, with multiple color temperature options, and we also offer lightbars with an adjustable color temperature that ranges from 2700K to 5000K.

SmallCorp LED products are sold as accessories with our cases. They are not standalone systems and are not designed for use outside an exhibit case.

LED Spotlights

Low-profile lighting

Our LED spotlights have a small adjustable head and are supported by thin aluminum posts or magnetic bases. A variety of mounting options are available. We stock Warm (3000K) and Cool (4000K) emitters and can source other color temperatures upon request. These spotlights are dimmable to a one-foot candle, and the standard power supply will support up to six spotlights.  Aluminum components are typically powdercoated black (other colors are available), but some non-metal parts remain black.  The standard spotlight operates as a flood light, and we can provide optics kits with lenses to allow for beam spread adjustment, as well as a light focusing snoots.


  • Standard color temperatures are Warm (3000K) and Cool (4000K); other color temperatures available upon request
  • Aluminum mounting posts at 6”, 12”, 18”, 24” and custom lengths
  • Powdercoated – black is typical, other colors available
  • Optics kits and snoots available as accessories
  • Base options
    • Magnetic base
    • Post-mounted with weighted base
    • Through-deck mount
    • Deck clamp (accommodates decks up to 1-1/4” thick)
  • Designed for use in SmallCorp exhibit cases

LED Lightbars

Adjustable color temperature

SmallCorp LED lightbars utilize a slim aluminum channel with a diffuser. They are mounted horizontally or vertically with pivot adjustability and various mounting options. A typical mounting is with deck clamps so the lightbars may be removed without damage to the deck. Through-deck mount for permanent exhibits is also available. We stock emitters in Warm (3000K) and Cool (4000K) with other color temperatures available upon request. Our premium lightbar is color adjustable from 2700K to 5000K, ideal for frequently changing exhibits.


  • Standard color temperatures are Warm (3000K) and Cool (4000K); other color temperatures available upon request
  • Premium version features adjustable color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K.
  • Low-profile aluminum channel powdercoated in one of our standard colors
  • The height of mounting posts is customized to fit your case
  • Mounting options
    • Deck clamps
    • Through-deck mounts
  • Designed for use in SmallCorp exhibit cases