Recessed Box Frames – Acrylic Picture Frame with built-in spacer

Our recessed acrylic picture frame is five sided, with an open back and a poplar strainer for mounting your art. It includes an integrated 3/8” spacer at the front. As a result, there’s an airspace between the art and the face of the box. Our standard recessed acrylic box frame has frosted sides and 3/16” clear face, ⅜” recess, countersunk holes ⅜” from the back, a ¾” x 1 ⅜” poplar strainer and #4 x ¾” screws.  The depth of the frame is fixed; we don’t customize the depth of this acrylic picture frame.

Framers love this frame for its simplicity. Just drop in your art package and screw it in place. This means there’s no need to worry about spacers or anything else.

Recessed Acrylic Picture Frame Options

  • Frosted Smoky sides (as opposed to the typical frosted clear sides – this obscures the view of the strainer)
  • 3/16” UV-filtering face

Maximum size is 40” x 60”. We do not customize the depth of Recessed Acrylic Box Frames.

For more details, click on image below

Recessed Acrylic-Box-Frame