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SmallCorp T-100 with step base


A classic tabletop case 

Part of our line of tabletop cases, the T-100 is a classic display case with a museum-quality acrylic vitrine resting on a step base made from either Medex® or acrylic. The T-100 is not sealed or archival but will highlight your artifact while protecting it from dust and visitors. Tabletop cases are typically placed on top of a table or desk. Our cases are based on standard designs manufactured to customers’ size requirements.

The T-100’s 5-sided acrylic vitrine lifts off for access to objects. Screws can be added to secure vitrine to Medex® bases. We manufacture museum-quality acrylic vitrines from clear or UV-filtering acrylic and are one of the few companies to manufacture Optium Museum Acrylic® vitrines.

Glass options are also available. 

Did you know we make replacement vitrines to fit existing cases?

See base options, the step base functions as the deck.  

Medex® bases consist of a 1” panel with 1/2” x 1/4” step and can be finished with plastic laminate, wood veneer, primed, or sanded, ready-to-paint. 

Acrylic bases consist of a 1/2” solid acrylic with a 1/4” x 1/4” step. We offer acrylic step bases in black, white, or clear with a frosted step.

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