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Recessed Acrylic Box Frame

Recessed Acrylic Box Frame

Acrylic picture frame with built-in spacer 

Recessed acrylic box frames are, no-worry picture frames, with a built-in 3/8” spacer. Framers appreciate the simplicity of these frames, as art packages fit easily and just need to be screwed in place. These five-sided frames have an open back and come with a poplar strainer for mounting your artwork. This acrylic frame profile has a fixed depth and cannot be customized.  

  • Minimum size 6” x 6”  
  • Maximum size is 40” x 60” 
  • Frame is 1-11/16” deep (with 3/16” face) 
  • 3/8” acrylic recess 
  • Frosted sides  
  • Standard includes a 1/16” allowance. 
  • Mitered corners 
  • Each frame comes with a 3/4” poplar strainer or ask about a 1/2” strainer. 
  • Pre-drilled countersunk holes and #4 x 3/4” screws included.  
  • Standard hole placement is 3/8” from the back edge of the frame. You may specify non-standard allowances and hole placements as needed. 

Face can be made with  

  • 3/16” clear acrylic 
  • 3/16” UV-filtering acrylic 

Sides can be made with  

  • Clear acrylic 
  • Smokey acrylic 

Recessed acrylic box frames have a frosted finish on the sides. 

Do you know the dimension you need?

  1. Our frames are ordered by inside dimension (ID) – basically, the size of the art. We automatically give the frame a 1/16” tolerance, unless you request otherwise. 
  2. Acrylic box frames are frequently used with fabric-wrapped strainers which may make a larger tolerance necessary.  

Have you considered screw hole placement?

Standard hole placement is 3/8” from the back edge of the frame to match our standard 3/4” x 1 3/8” poplar strainers. Custom hole placement is available upon request. 

Have you reviewed the material and finishes options?

We offer a number of options for materials and finishes beyond the “standard.  

Do you know what our ordering policies are?

Please review our ordering policies before placing your order. 

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