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SmallCorp M-100 at RISD Museum


A mannequin case that’s secure and affordable

Part of our line of mannequin cases, the M-100 is an attractive, secure, and affordable museum display case. The M-100 is not sealed or archival, but it will protect your textiles from dust and visitors. The 5-sided vitrine includes a removable panel for access to objects. Our cases are based on standard designs manufactured to customers’ size requirements.

The M-100’s 5-sided acrylic vitrine has a removable panel for access to objects. An aluminum frame accepts screws to secure the vitrine to the base and the removable panel to the vitrine. We manufacture museum-quality acrylic vitrines from clear or UV-filtering acrylic and are one of the few companies to manufacture museum-quality Optium Museum Acrylic® vitrines. 6mm Optium Museum Acrylic® is only offered on small mannequin cases.

Did you know we make replacement vitrines to fit existing cases?

Medex® object deck is fixed in place and is finished to match the pedestal.

These museum display cases come standard with leveling feet.


Pedestal finish options include:

  • latex paint
  • plastic laminate
  • wood veneer
  • primed surface
  • sanded ready-to-paint
  • Label rails 
    • Internal
    • Wall-mounted label holders
  • Security Screws

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Mannequin Cases Features Sheet

Download Mannequin Cases Features Sheet