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Acrylic Box Frame

Acrylic Box Frame

Frameless appeal for flat and dimensional art 

Five-sided acrylic box frames have an open back and come with a poplar strainer for mounting your art. These contemporary shadowboxes give a frameless look to any artwork or artifact. Conservators love acrylic frames for textile conservation projects. Acrylic boxes are typically made with a 3/16” clear acrylic face and 3/16” frosted sides, see below for additional materials and finish options. Our acrylic box frames are custom made to your specifications (minimum of 6” x 6” x 1” deep).  

  • Minimum size 6” x 6” x 1” deep 
  • Maximum size varies depending on the type of acrylic 
  • Standard is made with a 3/16” clear acrylic face and 3/16” frosted sides 
  • Standard includes a 1/16” allowance. 
  • Standard is mitered corners, or ask us about our “bubble-free” butt-joint corner option* 
  • Each frame comes with a 3/4” poplar strainer or ask about a 1/2” strainer. 
  • Pre-drilled countersunk holes and #4 x 3/4” screws included.  
  • Standard hole placement is 3/8” from the back edge of the frame. You may specify non-standard allowances and hole placements as needed. 
  • Standard depths include 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”, and 6”; ask about non-standard depths.


*See before you order #2 – Mitered corners vs “bubble-free” corners.

Faces can be made with  

  • 3/16” Clear acrylic 
  • 3/16” UV-filtering acrylic 
  • 4.5mm Optium Museum Acrylic®*

Sides can be made with 

  • 3/16” Clear acrylic 
  • 3/16” White acrylic 
  • 3/16” Smoky acrylic 
  • 3/16” Black acrylic 
  • 3/16” UV-filtering acrylic 

*Ask us about five-sided Optium Museum Acrylic® frames  

Mitered corners are standard, or we also make bubble-free butt-joined corners. 

Acrylic box frames can be made with frosted or polished sides (you will see the strainer).  

Edges at the perimeter of the face are square, or we offer beveled or rounded options. 

Do you know the dimension you need?

  1. Our frames are ordered by inside dimension (ID) – basically, the size of the art. We automatically give the frame a 1/16” allowance, unless you request otherwise. 
  2. Acrylic box frames are frequently used with fabric-wrapped strainers which may make a larger allowance necessary.  

Mitered corners vs “bubble-free” corners

Mitered corners may have minor bubbles or visible machining marks. Our “bubble-free” butt-joint corners do not have bubbles and machining marks and are recommended for acrylic box frames over 3” deep. 

Have you considered screw hole placement?

Standard hole placement is 3/8” from the back edge of the frame to match our standard 3/4” x 1 3/8” poplar strainers. Custom hole placement is available upon request. 

Have you reviewed the material and finishes options?

We offer a number of options for materials and finishes beyond the “standard.  

Do you know what our ordering policies are?

Please review our ordering policies before placing your order. 

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