Welded Steel Picture Frames – raw, industrial appeal

Our welded steel picture frames have an industrial, unfinished look that’s hot right now. Our frames come with a mill scale finish. We can’t control this finish. Sometimes it’s rusty, and sometimes it’s not. We can leave the weld bead on the face, or we can grind it flush. The grinding marks will remain visible. Each of these frames is unique, and will be impossible to replicate in the future. This uniqueness  is part of the appeal of these welded steel picture frames.

We have two standard steel picture frame profiles. We may be able to source custom profiles for your project, but we cannot trim our standard steel profiles.

Unlike our aluminum picture frames, welded steel picture frames are fitted with wooden liners and hanging nuts.  This means you’ll need to specify vertical or horizontal orientation when you order.

For details about a specific profile, click on its image below


WS 1


WS 4