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SmallCorp Welded steel floater Frame WS1F Profile Drawing


Raw, industrial appeal for canvas-based artwork

One of our three standard welded steel floater frames handmade to your requirements with an urban, industrial feel. Our steel frames come with a mill scale finish, which is sometimes rusty and sometimes not, and that’s part of the appeal. Attach your art to the frame by screwing our floater frame onto the stretcher from the back side. You specify the amount of “float” that is right for you.

  • Maximum Short Dimension: 96″
    Maximum Long Dimension: 96″
  • Minimum Short Dimension: 9″
    Minimum Long Dimension: 9″
  • Float allowance to customer specification
  • Weld bead left on or weld bead ground off
  • Pre-drilled holes included standard
  • Standard hole placement is 1/2” from the inside edge of the frame back leg. You may specify non-standard hole placement as necessary.

We can leave the weld bead on the face of the frame or we can grind it flush, leaving a grinding mark. We do not apply any chemical finish. Our steel frames are shipped raw.

Do you know the dimension you need?

Our frames are ordered by inside dimension (ID) – basically, the size of the art. We automatically give the frame a 1/16″ allowance, unless you request otherwise.

Have you decided how much of a float you want?

This is the amount of gap between the frame and the artwork. We don’t have a standard float.

Have you decided on a finish?

Do you want to see the weld bead, or would you like it ground off (leaves grinding marks)?

Have you considered the unique nature of the frame?

Each frame will be completely unique based on the mill scale finish and the amount of rust. Over time, steel will oxidize and the rust will become part of the frame. Please keep in mind, a steel frame will be significantly heavier than an aluminum frame of the same size.

Do you know what our ordering policies are?

Please review our ordering policies before placing your order.

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