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Tube Slat

Tube Slat

Suspended textile exhibition

When wall mounting isn’t an option, tube slats can be used to suspend textiles for display. The tube slats are made from 3” x 1” or 2” x 1” powdercoated, rectangular aluminum tubes with 2” wide hook Velcro® adhered to one side. Neutral-curing, two-part epoxy is used as the adhesive. Pre-drilled holes that accommodate customer-supplied suspension cables are on the top of the slat. 

**Loop Velcro® for textiles is not included.  

For wall-mounted options, consider a magnet slat or a textile slat with a cleat. 

  • Standard finish is white powdercoat – other colors available upon request 
  • Slats come with pre-drilled holes 
  • Maximum slat length is 192”  
    • Slats over this dimension will need to be made in multiple parts 
  • Maximum powdercoated length is 150”  
    • Slats over this dimension will have a sanded finish 

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