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Welded Aluminum Picture Frame TF60 Profile Drawing


Elegant framing for canvas-based artwork

One of our six standard aluminum floater frame profiles that allows you to mount your canvas or panel-based artwork with a perimeter gap giving it that “floating” look. Show off both the front and the sides of your artwork based on the float/gap you choose. Your art attaches to the frame by screwing our floater frame onto the back of the stretcher. Consult the finishes section for what interior color options we offer.

  • Maximum Short Dimension: 96″
    Maximum Long Dimension: 96″
  • Minimum Short Dimension: 11″
    Minimum Long Dimension: 11″
  • Float allowance to customer specification
  • Pre-drilled holes included standard
  • Standard hole placement is 1/2” from the inside edge of the frame back leg. You may specify non-standard hole placement as necessary.

The classic finish has brushed (grained) sides with a mirror-polished face, and a black-painted interior.

We also offer brushed sides and face, random orbital (RO) sanded exterior finish, and in addition to the classic black-painted interior, we offer a white-painted interior as an option.  We do not brush, polish, or apply a sanded finish on the interior of our floater frames.  We do, however, offer 18 different powdercoat colors if you would like the same finish inside and out.

Scroll down to see powdercoat chip chart or to request one.

Do you know the dimension you need?

Our frames are ordered by inside dimension (ID) – basically, the size of the art plus your float.

Have you decided how much of a float you want?

This is the amount of gap between the frame and the artwork. We don’t have a standard float.

Have you considered screw hole placement?

Standard hole placement is 1/2” from inside edge of frame back leg (1/4″ for TF15). Custom hole placement is available upon request

Do you know what interior color you want?

While black-painted interior is the classic look, white-painted might also be appropriate for your polished, brushed, or random orbital frame.

Do you know what our ordering policies are?

Please review our ordering policies before placing your order.

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