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Super Panel

Super Panel

Versatile exhibit panel 

Consisting of a rigid 4mm aluminum composite layer, nine-pound pinnable Ethafoam™, powdercoated perforated steel, and wrapped in archival linen, Super Panels are our most versatile exhibit panel. These archival panels are both pinnable and magnetreceptive, providing curators and exhibition staff with a range of installation options and are especially useful for frequently changing exhibits. Super panels are used in frames and exhibit cases, and can be hung on the wall as a stand-alone mount. Super panels are easily outfitted with cleats or other hanging systems and can accept most mounts. 

  • Maximum size 150” x 47” 
  • Accepts pins, magnets, or mounts 
  • 100% Archival 
  • 7/8” thick (1-3/16 with cleats) 
  • 2-3/4lb per sq. Ft. 
  • Includes heavy duty aluminum cleats for installation 

Some of the most common uses include: 

  • Displaying textiles 
  • Displaying works on paper 
  • Mounting 3D artifacts 
  • Exhibit case decks 
  • Frequently changing exhibits 

We stock 4 archival fabrics (Oddy tested), or we can source custom archival fabrics

Do you know the dimensions of the panel?

Panels are custom-made to your specifications; we do not have standard sizes or inventory  

Have you considered the weight?

Super panels are magnetreceptive because they include a layer of perforated steel, which adds significant weight to the panel (2-3/4 lbs per sq. ft. ).

Do the cleats need to have a specific placement or orientation?

Aluminum cleats are included with these panels, you will need to specify orientation and placement. 

Do you know what our ordering policies are?

Please review our ordering policies before placing your order. 

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