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Silica Gel Conditioning System

SmallCorp small and large Silica Gel Conditioning System

Silica Gel Conditioning Systems 

Re-conditioning RH

Silica gel can be easily conditioned and re-conditioned to relative humidity (RH) levels specific to your artifacts. Reconditioning silica gel saves money and allows better control of gel deployment while reducing waste. You can condition silica gel by placing it in an appropriate area (room, lab, etc.) at the new desired humidity and monitoring it until desired RH has been met, which might take up to several weeks.  

Two Size Options

We offer two systems to condition your silica gel faster.  

  • The small unit accommodates up to 3kg of bulk silica gel per batch.   
  • The large unit can condition up to 50kg of pouches or cartridges at one time and comes with a small convection oven, scale, and a built-in humidity controller. 

Silica gel conditioning systems are typically used by institutions that use a lot of silica gel to regulate the humidity inside their exhibit cases, and for traveling exhibits where gel may need to be conditioned on the road.  Both of our systems are designed to work with our online silica gel calculator. 

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