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CAD drawing of SmallCorp PMP panel

Photo Mounting Panel

Acid-free panel for photography 

These handmade panels are frequently used by photographers, conservators, and artists for mounting photos and other works on paper. Photo mounting panels (PMP) are smooth, archival, and lightweight, and include an integrated hanging system. Each panel is custom made to customer specifications and consists of a powdercoated aluminum frame and a core made with aluminum honeycomb and aluminum skins. We can also add a layer of acid-free, lignin-free conservation rag board to the face of the panel. 

  • Maximum size 136” x 47” 
  • .032” aluminum skin on face and .020” aluminum skin on back  
  • 1/2″ aluminum honeycomb core 
  • 7/8” black powdercoated aluminum frame with an integrated hanging system that accepts a z-cleat (sold separately) 
  • We use only a neutral-cure two-part epoxy in fabrication 

Some of the most common uses include: 

  • Photographs 
  • Works on paper 
  • Maps 
  • Drawings 
  • Documents 

The aluminum skin is not intended to be a finished display surface, but we can add a 20-point conservation rag board to the face.  

Do you know the dimensions of the panel?

Panels are custom made to your specifications; we do not have standard sizes or inventory  

Do you need the panel to have a paper face?

We offer an acid-free, lignin-free 20-point conservation rag board that can be adhered to the face. Panels over 88” in both dimensions will require a seam in the paper. 

Are you using the panel in a heat press?

Standard panels delaminate if used in a heat press. For that application, please use the SP-A panel. 

Do you know what our ordering policies are?

Please review our ordering policies before placing your order. 

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