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Magnet Slat

Magnet Slat

Magnetic Textile Display System 

Conservators love our magnetic slats for hanging textiles for display. These slats are not visible when installed and will not crush or damage artifacts. The magnet slat does not require the addition of Velcro® or other fasteners. Magnet slats consist of two parts, a wall-mounted aluminum angle with rare earth magnets, and a powdercoated steel strip. The mounting angle has a small lip at the bottom to keep the piece from sagging or drooping. The powdercoated steel strip is installed on the back of the textile via a sleeve or other method (not included). Slats typically come with pre-drilled holes.  

  • Wall-mounted aluminum angle 
    •  1/8” x 1-1/4” with a small lip at the bottom 
    • Raw aluminum finish 
    • Pre-drilled holes  
    • Rare earth magnets attached at 5” to 6” interval 
    • Max length for a single piece is 192” (or use multiple slats) 
  • Powdercoated steel strip 
    • 1-1/4” tall x .03” thick 
    • Max length for a single piece is 48” (multiple pieces used for anything longer) 

Wall-mounted aluminum slats are generally left raw but can be powdercoated. The maximum length for a single powdercoated slat is 150”, anything longer must be in multiple pieces.  

Powdercoated steel strips are generally powdercoated white, unless otherwise requested, and are limited to 48” sections. Anything longer must be in multiple pieces.  

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