Magnet Slat – simple textile hangers for conservators

IMG_0634Conservators use our magnet slat to hang textiles for display or storage. The slat eliminates the need for Velcro or other fasteners. Because the magnets are positioned behind your artifact, they won’t crush the object, and they will not be visible. 

The magnet slat has 2 parts.  The wall-mounting element is 1/8” x 1 ¼” aluminum with pre-drilled holes; it is unfinished and has a small lip at the bottom. The lip is important, as it keeps the object from sagging or drooping over time. Rare earth magnets are attached at 5” to 6” intervals. The second part is a 1 1/4” tall powdercoated steel strip. It is typically attached to the textile via a sleeve (not included).

 Once the wall-mounting element is firmly attached to the wall, and the steel strip is captured at the back of the textile by a sleeve or other method, you’re ready to hang the object.  Simply apply the steel strip to the magnetic wall cleat above the small lip, level it, and stand back to admire your work.

We make slats up to 192” long. For lengths over 192”, you can use multiple slats. We can powdercoat the slats if you like, or leave them raw (most choose this option). The maximum length for a single powder coated slat is 150”. Slats over 150” will be unfinished or made in miultiple parts. Unlike the slat, the maximum length for the powdercoated steel strip is 48”. For slats over 48”, there will be multiple steel strips.