Magnet Slats

IMG_0634Magnet slats are used for hanging textiles for display or storage. They eliminate the need for Velcro and the magnets will not crush the artifact as they are positioned behind it.

The magnet slat has 2 parts – the wall mount is 1/8” x 1 ¼” aluminum with pre-drilled holes; it is unfinished and has a small lip at the bottom. Rare earth magnets are attached at 5” to 6” intervals. Part 2 is a 1 1/4” powdercoated steel strip. It is typically attached to the textile via a sleeve.

Maximum slat length is 192”. For lengths over 192”, use multiple slats. Maximum powder coated length is 150”. Slats over 150” will be unfinished. Maximum length of the powdercoated steel strip is 48”. For slats over 48”, there will be multiple steel strips.