Finished Corner Picture Frames – Aluminum Kulicke-style frames

Robert Kulicke popularized aluminum finished corner picture frames  in the late Fifties. We started making them in the early Seventies. They have a simple, elegant appeal designed to complement, not distract from, the art inside the frame.  We hand-make each frame to fit your artwork.  The welded, finished corners means there are no seams or visible joints. Because of this, there is no comparison between a Kulicke-style frame and a typical “chop” frame.

Our finished corner  picture frames are made to your size requirements and include a 1/16” allowance. You may choose from our ten standard profiles or send us your ideas. We can trim our standard profiles, or order specialized materials for your project.  There are maximum sizes for some of our frame profiles, but we are well-known for making very large picture frames. Just ask.

Each frame comes with a poplar strainer, pre-drilled holes and #4 x ¾” screws. Standard hole placement is ½” from the back edge of the frame. You may specify non-standard allowances and hole placements as needed.

The classic finish is brushed (grained) sides with a mirror-polished face. We also offer brushed sides and face, a random orbital (RO) finish, and 18 different powdercoat colors. You can see our powdercoat chart here, but the real thing is always better. Just contact us and we’ll mail one to you.

We offer a variety of acrylic glazing options as well as lightweight, acrylic and aluminum channel fillets to space your glazing away from your art.

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