Tube Slats – for textile conservation, storage and exhibition

Tube Slat 024 Tube Slat 019Tube slats are used for textile conservation, exhibition and storage, to suspend textiles  when wall-mounting is not an option.

The tube slat consists of 3” x 1” or 2” x 1” rectangular aluminum tube with 2” wide hook Velcro adhered to one side with an archival epoxy. Standard finish is white powdercoat. Slats have holes in the top to accommodate customer-supplied suspension cables.

Maximum slat length is 192”. For lengths over 192”, we can offer multiple slats. The maximum powder coated length is 150”. Slats over 150” that need to be powdercoated can be unfinished or made in parts.

For wall-mounting options, check out our magnetic slats or our textile slats and cleats