Tabletop Museum Case – Multiple display options

Tabletop Case

We manufacture our Standard Tabletop Museum Case with  archival materials.  You may opt to order it with microclimate capability. There are many options for this case type. We have standard designs, but we do not have standard sizes. We manufacture each case  to your size requirements. This means each case is made to meet your specific needs.


The Standard Tabletop Museum Case comes with a powdercoated aluminum collar. We offer  a variety of deck options. You may choose a removable, fabric-wrapped archival deck  with a small media chamber below. If you need microclimate capability, let us know.  Alternatively, you may choose a Medex or acrylic base that is fixed in the aluminum collar.   We can outfit the case with archival gaskets and security screws. As a result, this will allow you to create and  maintain a sealed environment within the case.


SmallCorp is well-known for the quality of our acrylic vitrines.  We manufacture museum quality acrylic vitrines from clear and UV filtering acrylic, and from Optium Museum Acrylic®.  With this case, you lift the vitrine to access your object.  When applicable, we install an archival gasket. The vitrine rests on this gasket. When the vitrine is locked, the gasket is compressed. The result is a sealed environment inside the case.  

Tabletop Museum Case Accessories

It is easy to lift off the vitrine on a Standard Tabletop Museum Case. Therefore, you might consider vacuum cups for moving vitrines and security screw drivers for locking them.

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