Systems for Conditioning Silica Gel

gel tile conditioner 018Conditioning silica gel is fairly simple. While it is safe to discard your used silica gel in the trash (it’s a natural product), it can also  be conditioned for re-use.  The simplest method is to place your silica gel in an appropriate area (room, lab, etc) of the correct humidity for as long as is required (can be several weeks). The gel will gradually take on the Relative Humidity of its surroundings.  Never add liquid water directly to silica gel. Please feel free to contact us for advice.

We manufacture two systems for conditioning silica gel. The small unit will handle up to 3kg of bulk gel per batch. The large unit is designed for conditioning up to 50kg of pouches or cartridges and comes with a small convection oven, scale, and Extech RHT20 datalogger. This is convenient for travelling exhibitions where gel may need to be conditioned on the road. These units are designed to work with our on-line conditioning calculator.

To learn about silica gel in layperson’s terms, try our silica gel white paper.