Photo Mounting Panels – acid-free archival support for photographers

Photo Mounting Panels with Aluminum Face and Paper Face.

Photo Mounting Panels with Aluminum Face and Paper Face

Photographers, conservators, and artists use our photo mounting panels to present photographs and other works on paper like maps, drawings, and documents. These panels are smooth, archival, and very lightweight. Our materials are acid-free and lignin-free and will not interfere with your artwork.  We make all our photo mounting panels to your size requirements, from very small to very large. We do not have standard or in-stock sizes. The only restrictions are the size of the delivery truck and the size of your doors.

Archival Materials

We first manufacture a ⅞” black powdercoated aluminum outer frame. Then we infill it with a ½” aluminum honeycomb core, captured by two .032″ aluminum skins. This panel is bonded to the aluminum frame with a neutral cure two-part epoxy. The panel is now ready to use, though you may wish to add a layer of 20 point conservation board to the front face,  flush to the outer edge of the frame. The extruded aluminum frame has an integrated hanging system to accept a z-cleat or other hanging system (sold separately).

Size Limitations

We can make photo mounting panels as large as 105” x 50”. Panels over 47” in both dimensions will have pieced aluminum skins joined with an aluminum-to-aluminum bond to provide a continuous flat surface. This seam will be hidden beneath the paper face. Panels over 88” wide in both dimensions will have a visible seam in the paper.