Hinged Sealed Wall Case – Easy access for one person

Hinged Sealed Wall CaseThe Hinged Sealed Wall Case is a 100% archival microclimate museum case offering maximum protection for sensitive objects, textiles and works of art.  We offer standard designs, but we do not have standard sizes. We manufacture each case  to your size requirements.

Archival materials

We use only inert materials in this case; it will not off-gas or otherwise damage your objects. The Hinged Sealed Wall Case is microclimate capable. This means you can maintain a Relative Humidity inside the case that is different  than that of the surrounding area.  Hinged Sealed Wall Cases typically have an air exchange rate between .75 and .5/day. The case includes an external port that allows access to the silica gel chamber without the need to move your objects. 


We make world-class clear, UV-filtering and  Optium Museum Acrylic® vitrines. The vitrine opens on a heavy-duty hinge to allow access to the removable deck and object chamber. This makes the case easy for one person to operate. The vitrine is secured with a keyed lock, and the silica gel access door locks with security screws.

Object Deck

The Hinged Sealed Wall Case features a removable object deck.  We offer several archival deck options. Our standard ODP deck consists of dibond and aluminum, wrapped in fabric. Our ethadeck uses the ODP deck as a base and includes a layer of pinnable ethafoam beneath the fabric.  We also make object decks out of HDPE, expanded PVC and other materials.  We offer standard fabrics or we can work with those that you specify.

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