Classic Tabletop Case – simple affordable desktop display

Classic Tabletop CaseThe Classic Tabletop display case is attractive, easy-to-use and affordable. Tabletop display cases are often used for temporary exhibitions, for small objects that don’t require archival storage, or in private homes and collections. This case is not sealed or archival, but it is great for protecting your objects from dust and unwanted handling. We offer standard designs, but we do not have standard sizes. SmallCorp manufactures each case  to your size specification.  As a result, each case will fit your object.


Base material options include Medex and acrylic.  For Medex bases, we offer ready-to-paint, plastic laminate or wood veneer finishes on Medex.  In addition, we can outfit Medex bases with security screws to lock the vitrine. For acrylic bases, you may choose from black, white, or clear with a frosted step.  


SmallCorp is well-known for the quality of our acrylic vitrines.  For the tabletop display case, you lift the vitrine to access your object.  We manufacture museum quality acrylic vitrines from clear and UV filtering acrylic, and from Optium Museum Acrylic®. Most importantly, all our vitrines have beautifully polished joints.  You may secure the vitrine with regular or security screws, or  forego the screws entirely. 

Tabletop Display Case Accessories

The vitrine for these cases is easy to lift off. Therefore, you might consider vacuum cups for moving vitrines and security screw drivers for locking them.

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Typical Step Base

Acrylic Step Base