SmallCorp’s technical capabilities

FcEu22A6tScEoNKzelLTa9UQSaEwuW9dIef5DjIg2zg,SFWpniogEOmeK6dtz2kztWxEAt5I1FTM2s4KDg5yAgYWe are proud of SmallCorp’s technical capabilities. We are vertically-integrated and control each step of our diverse process in-house.  This allows for improved quality and schedule control.

  • Acrylic fabrication
  • Aluminum and steel welding and finishing
  • Glass fabrication
  • Cabinet work
  • Fabric lamination
  • Powder coating and painting
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • CNC sawing, drilling and routing
  • Oddy testing of materials
  • LED and Fiber optic lighting