C Case – museum display case that’s secure and affordable

SmallCorp C Case

C Case shown with optional internal text rail

The C  Case is an attractive, secure and affordable museum display case.  The C Case is not sealed or archival, but it will protect your object from dust and visitors. We offer standard designs, but we do not have standard sizes. We manufacture each museum display case to your size requirements. 


SmallCorp is well-known for the quality of our acrylic vitrines.  On the C Case, you lift the vitrine to access your object.  The vitrine locks to the pedestal with security screws. We manufacture museum quality acrylic vitrines from clear and UV filtering acrylic, and from Optium Museum Acrylic®.  You should consider vacuum cups to assist in safely moving and installing vitrines.


We finish C Case pedestals with latex paint, plastic laminate or wood veneer. Leveling feet or weight boxes are available as an option. We also offer these museum display cases with an optional toe kick space at the bottom. The object deck is fixed in place and is finished to match the pedestal.

Museum Display Case Options

C Cases accommodate interior  label rails, and may be outfitted with LED lighting systems. Many museums supplement the C case with wall-mounted labelholders. Unfortunately, the C Case does not accept our case-mounted external labelholder.

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