Archival Materials – Cut to Size

DSC_4108_balancedDSC_4234_balancedNew Router 2We offer the following archival materials in standard sizes, and also cut to your specifications. In addition to the standard sheet sizes and thicknesses shown here, we have access to many custom sizes and thicknesses. Just ask.

Archival Fluted Polypropylene

Made especially for SmallCorp, our natural Archival Fluted Polypropylene Backer is an affordable alternative to Coroplast – acid-free, neutral pH polypropylene with no dyes or additives. It is available in 6mm and 8mm thicknesses, sold by the carton or in single sheets cut to your specific size. Please note, we are discontinuing this product and will no longer offer it once our current stock is sold.

Sheet SizeSheets/Carton
6mm x 48” x 96” 10
8mm x 40” x 60” 6
8mm x 60” x 120” 1

Aluminum Composite Panel

We offer aluminum composite panels comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Known as Dibond, E-panel and other brand names, we stock 4mm aluminum composite panel in 48” x 96” sheets. It is available by the sheet or cut to your specific size requirements.

Acrylic Sheets  – click to see details

Expanded PVC

Known as Sintra, Komatex and other brand names, we stock expanded PVC in ¾” x 48” x 96” sheets. It is available by the sheet or cut to meet your needs.