Super Panel – magnet receptive exhibit panel

IMG_1740The Super Panel is a pinnable, magnet receptive exhibit panel. It is versatile and works in frames and exhibit cases, or hung on the wall.

The Super Panel is a linen-wrapped archival mounting  panel.  We start with a rigid back layer of 4mm dibond, then laminate a layer of dense nine pound ethafoam to the dibond. Next we apply a layer of powdercoated perforated steel.  The entire unit is then wrapped in archival linen. We offer  aluminum or wood cleats for installation, as required.

The steel sheet attracts magnets, which are great for hanging textiles and the like.  The open spaces in the sheet are available for pinning. You can easily attach mounts or hardware by drilling though the back panel in alignment with the holes in the steel sheet.

Exhibition staff love the super panel’s versatility.  It can be used in a variety of ways as needed for a particular exhibit and it rarely needs to be changed out.

  • 100% Archival
  • Accepts Pins, Magnets or Mounts
  • Cleats to wall or case interior
  • 7/8” thick without cleats
  • 2-3/4 lb/sf without cleats