Acrylic Glazing and Oversize Optium

Oversize Optium & UVF Acrylic

We are the only company in the world that can join large sheets of 6mm Optium Museum Acrylic end to end, with a bubble-free seam, to create sheets larger than 72″ x 120″ .

Our technique works with 6mm Optium Museum Acrylic, as well as 1/4″ and 3/8″ clear and UVF. The seam is minimal and bubble-free.  This allows for the glazing of very large pieces of art with a single sheet of material. The seam is extremely strong and withstands normal handling. We can seam multiple parts together, as long as the seams are parallel, and at least one side does not exceed 120″.

We ship this material around the globe, to Hong Kong, the UK, Switzerland and all over the USA.

Learn more about a recent oversize Optium project here, or if you prefer video, click here 

In addition, we distribute the following acrylic glazing materials, in full sheet or cut-to-size.

Clear Acrylic Glazing

.118” stocked in 48” x 96”
.177” stocked in 51” x 100” and 72” x 96” 
.220″ Lucite stocked in 108” x 192”
.236″ stocked in 51” x 100”, 72” x 96”, 75″ x 100″ and 75” x 124”
.354” stocked in 51” x 100”, 72” x 96”, 75″ x 100″ and 75” x 124”

UV (Ultra Violet Filtering) Acrylic Glazing

.118” UVF stocked in 48” x 96” 
.177” UVF stocked in 51” x 100” and 72” x 120” 
.236” UVF stocked in 51” x 100”,  75” x 100”, 75″ x 124″  and 101″ x 150″ 
.354” UVF stocked in 51” x 100”  and 75” x 100”  

Optium Museum Acrylic

3mm stocked in 48” x 96”
4.5mm stocked in 72” x 96”
6mm stocked in x 72” x 120”

Learn about Optium Museum Acrylic


This material is best-suited for labels and posters that will be pressed directly against the back of the acrylic glazing. It’s not well-suited for use in traditional picture frames

.060”, .080” & .118” stocked in 48” x 96”

Please note that this is only a sample of what we stock and if we don’t have it… just about anything can be ordered in with relatively short notice.
Please call for current acrylic pricing.