Acrylic Fillets – spacers for aluminum picture frames

Fillets are thin picture frame spacers placed around the perimeter of the frame to prevent the  glazing from coming in contact with your painting, photo, or other visual artifact, to protect it from potential damage. Some folks call them art glass separators. Our acrylic fillets may be used with both acrylic and glass glazing, and are sized for installation with box lap joints (see illustration). In addition to acrylic fillets, we also make lightweight fillets for aluminum picture frames and aluminum channel fillets for very large frames.  

Acrylic fillets are fully archival and may be attached to our aluminum picture frames with your own epoxies, adhesive transfer tape or silicone. The material is solid color acrylic in black or white, either 3/16” or ¼” thick. Acrylic fillets are trimmed to fit your frame and artwork. The minimum acrylic fillet depth is 3/8”.

Why use fillets?  Without spacers, the image can buckle or get stuck to the glazing, causing damage and making it difficult to reframe your art in the future. And, if moisture should make its way under the glazing, fillets allow air circulation, thus reducing the chance that  destructive mold and mildew will form.