Recessed Acrylic Box Frames

Recessed acrylic box frames are five side boxes with a poplar strainer for mounting your art. There is a 3/8” spacer at the front to create airspace between the art and the face of the box. Our standard recessed acrylic box frame has frosted sides and 3/16” clear face, ⅜” recess, countersunk holes ⅜” from the back, a ¾” x 1 ⅜” poplar strainer and #4 x ¾” screws.

You may customize a recessed acrylic box frame as follows:

  • Frosted Smoky sides
  • 3/16” UV-filtering face (up to 40” x 60”)

Maximum size is 40” x 60”. We do not customize the depth of Recessed Acrylic Box Frames.

Click on image below to view frame details.

Recessed Acrylic-Box-Frame