Hinged Sealed Wall Case

Hinged Sealed Wall CaseThe Hinged Sealed Wall Case is a 100% archival microclimate museum case offering maximum protection for sensitive objects, textiles and works of art. The acrylic vitrine opens on a heavy-duty hinge to allow access to the removable deck and object chamber. This makes the case easy for one person to operate.

We make world-class clear, UV-filtering and Optium Museum Acrylic vitrines.

The door is secured with a keyed lock, and the silica gel access door locks with security screws.

Object deck options include pinnable, magnet-receptive and linen-wrapped, and the decks may be slanted or flat.  Decks are mounted on z-cleats for easy removal.  The silica gel chamber is accessible from outside the case, so you may service your silica gel without disturbing your object(s). These cases may be customized to meet your exhibit and archival requirements.

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