Classic Wall Case

Classic Wall CaseThe Classic Wall Case is an attractive, secure and affordable way to present your precious objects and works of art. You can mount the case to the wall via a hidden internal cleat. You may choose a finish for the medex case body – latex paint, plastic laminate or wood veneer. Alternatively, we can prime the case and you can paint it yourself.

We offer the following material options for the 4-sided acrylic vitrine – clear, UV-filtering or Optium Museum Acrylic. We use security screws to secure the vitrine to the case body. and the vitrine  is protected at the front and sides by a powdercoated aluminum collar. The object shelf is intended for lightweight objects. Therefore, we  frequently supply additional wall-mounted supports for heavier objects.  We can integrate our internal label holder with this case but not our external label holder.

The Classic Wall case is not sealed or archival, but it does a great job at keeping dust and fingers off your objects.


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