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Optium Fire Sale

Deeply-discounted 4.5 mm Optium Museum Acrylic We find ourselves nearly buried in cutoffs and extra pieces of 4.5 mm Optium Museum Acrylic. So for a limited time, if the size(s) you need can come from our cutoffs, we’re offering 4.5mm Optium cut-to-size for the same price as our 3/16″ UV-filtering acrylic. You still pay the […]

The Great Age of the Seljuqs

One of the most productive periods in the history of the region from Iran to Anatolia (in modern Turkey) corresponds to the rule of the Seljuqs and their immediate successors, from 1038 to 1307. The Seljuqs were a Turkic dynasty of Central Asian nomadic origin that established a vast, but decentralized and relatively short-lived, empire […]

See you in Montreal!

Wendy, Mike and Van will be participating in the joint meeting of the American Institute for Conservation and the Canadian Association for Conservation May 14 to 17 in Montreal. The theme of the meeting is Preparing for Disasters and Confronting the Unexpected. Hopefully, neither will be required. Stop by Booth #207 to see our magical […]

The Met Reveals the Met Breuer

Today the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new building, the Met Breuer (former home of the Whitney Museum of American Art) opens to the public. The new building will be focused on the museum’s contemporary collection, and kicks off with Unfinished, a study of works that were never completed, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Read more